www.Jobing.com / www.Recruiting.com versus www.CraigsListcom.   Who WINS????

With 16 years in staffing, I’ve had my share of job postings.  Today I’m only reviewing TWO options, www.Jobing.com (division of www.recruiting.com) versus www.craigslist.com.  www.jobing.com costs $349 per posting for a month, while www.craigslist.com costs $25 (includes free resume search) – a 14:1 difference!  The www.jobing.com posting does NOT include access to their resume database (an additional $400/mo), but www.jobing.com promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee and my rep assured me sales reps were their specialty.

Time to see if www.jobing.com was 14X BETTER than www.Craigslist.com!

The posting – Regional Sales Manager – Inside Sales in a call center environment, overseeing an outside team of 10-15 reps, strong closing ability with total compensation between $80-120K – no job hoppers.

www.Craigslist.com sent 40+ submissions.  While most were unqualified, several were solid and one was hired!  HUGE Return On Investment (ROI).  Shockingly, www.Jobing.com was a massive FAIL.  I received less than 20 resumes, NONE good enough to call.  Calling my rep, she offered to waive the $400 resume search fee for a trial run to see if that would help.  Within 20 minutes (expanded search to ALL resumes) I sadly determined their database lacked any qualified candidates.  Wondering if they were just terrible in sales, I expanded to Technology and Accounting resumes.  I signed off ten minutes later without one person to call.

In conclusion, www.craigslist.com has insane value for the right jobs.  YES, there are many other places to pull from (favorite being www.linkedin.com) but nothing touches www.craigslist.com for value and results.  Sadly, www.jobing.com was horrendous and I recommend to be avoided.  Not only is www.jobbing.com 14 times more expensive than www.craigslist.com, they don’t produce qualified candidates.  Hopefully this will save your company time/money in your quest to find amazing people!

As a sidebar – I’m waiting to hear back regarding their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!