Resume Format – Apple “Pages” vs Microsoft “Doc”

I sift through resumes (for a living), developing a ‘rhythm’.  Key is to quickly access key information – typically within 15 -30 seconds.  With multiple job orders, speed and ease of information is critical.

What is the concern of an Apple “Pages” format versus Word’s “Doc” format?  While Apple is popular with the younger crowd, almost all businesses use Microsoft’s Word.  Worse, Word will not open ‘pages’ without a download.  While the download is fairly simple, I (and many hiring managers) delete ‘Pages’ resumes.  Interestingly, younger candidates are most likely to use this format.  Why would we delete this desirable demographic???

It goes back to the most important attribute for every new hire – being able to fit in.  For clarity, 95% of my candidates are highly educated, therefore ‘fit’ and understanding a resume format should be self evident.  Skills and Abilities are equally important to embracing corporate culture and technology.  Sending a resume 95% of businesses can’t open states either ignorance or lack of caring.   Furthermore, Pages can be saved in a DOC or PDF format – making the default “Pages” format unnecessary.

Companies look for employees who want to fit in and are careful about their actions.  Your resume is their first impression of you!  Make sure that impression starts off on the right foot!