Recent Resume Trend – No Employment Dates???

I’ve been a recruiter 16 years – viewing countless resumes. A resume is YOUR advertisement! You must capture our attention AND hold it! I’ve noticed a recent trend which will flush your resume – elimination of employment dates!

For recruiters/hiring managers, your work history decides whether we contact you. With hundreds of resumes to view, your resume has 7-15 seconds to get our attention. We always jump to your work history. If it equals our requirements – you have our attention!

Step two – KEEP our attention. We now look for work consistency and stability. Both are important but stability is paramount. A recent trend is to eliminate employment dates – the worst thing you can do! If you have several jobs – list the dates and reasons for leaving. If you are older, only list your your last 10 or 15 years. Eliminating employment dates says you are hiding something! And NO, you will not get us to call and ask about those missing dates.

If your resume is does not have dates, put them back in (with our suggestions) and see what happens! You may be surprised from the increased calls/emails!

Good luck in your job search!!!