Oh Ohhhh! Are Sign-On Bonus’ Back???

After 19 years within Staffing, you see trends repeat. One trend is the dreaded ‘muti-offer’ employers are once again experiencing. After a decade of enjoying a deep talent pool, companies are now finding it difficult to hire qualified candidates. Worse, the best candidates are receiving 2, 3 and 4 offers!

Due to strong economy and favorable business outlook, companies have been hiring at a record pace. Here in San Diego, we are near zero unemployment. What does this mean? To find AND hire qualified talent companies are taking the following steps:

  • Speed. Once a strong candidate starts a search, within two weeks they’ll have several offers. Strong companies have learned to move fast with offers!
  • It’s Personal. With today’s millennial population, companies are realizing culture is key to landing top talent. While money is a motivator, millennials equally care about the office community and what it personally means to them. It’s not just business!
  • Sell Your Company. Until recently, companies felt it was a privilege to work at their business – rarely selling their benefits. If you’re not doing this – your competition is!
  • Sign-on Bonus. You’ve identified the right candidate, gotten the offer out quickly, sold your company, but your ‘superstar’ has three offers!!! What to do? Give them a sign-on bonus with payment penalties if they leave!
  • Staffing Agencies. Personnel is the most important investment every company makes. Long staffing delays and awful hires are easy to overcome by using Staffing agencies like Xyon Business Solutions. Finding outstanding talent is what we do every day – give it to us!

In today’s tightening employment market, staffing is more important than ever! Leaving a critical position vacant for months can cripple a business, while competitors walk away your business. Xyon Business Solutions stands ready to help with these challenges. Reach out to us for a consultation regarding your staffing needs. With 19 years within the industry, we have the expertise and background to ensure your firm is fully staffed with outstanding personnel. We can be reached at www.xyonglobal.com or info@xyonglobal.com.