Hiring Manager – avoid the Precipice of Perfect!

CAUTION – Hiring Managers! Avoid the “PRECIPICE of PERFECT!

As a recruiter for 19 years, I have a bit of experience in hiring. With today’s economy banging on all cylinders, most companies are ramping investments within personnel. Strong Human Capital is critical to a company’s growth and success.  Coming off a horrendous recession, hiring managers have enjoyed a deep talent pool of eager candidates, often at below market rates – that is over.

In San Diego our unemployment rate is now at 3.6% – basically full employment.  This means qualified candidates quickly obtain work and the reason to avoid the PRECIPICE of PERFECT!

For the last decade, hiring managers had the choice of many candidates for each role – that is over.  Hiring managers also had TIME to carefully vet each candidate with countless meetings (often over 3-4 weeks) – that is over!  Worse, hiring managers only focused on hiring a PERFECT candidate, not a qualified candidate.  As a recruiter, I’ve seen far too many qualified candidates get hired away by competitors at a significant cost to my client.  This often was due to a “PERFECT” hiring requirement.

As a recruiter (and previous hiring manager), I understand the stigma for hiring the wrong candidate.  Shockingly, the COST for not filling the position is rarely quantified!  Hiring managers need to learn how much lost profit (or cost savings) is being accrued as that position remains open.  By holding off for PERFECT, you very well may be falling off the PRECIPICE!

Below is a link to San Diego’s unemployment rate.  When you’re looking at the qualified candidate in front of you, decide if the cost of delay is worth losing them to a competitor.  In today’s economy, we’ve lost the luxury of time.

KPBS San Diego Unemployment rate at 3.6 percent