Does Your Professional (and personal) Online Profile Matter?

As a recruiter I am shocked how good candidates become eliminated.

Here is a simple resume checklist:

  • Name/Address/Contact info – check!
  • Quick Introduction and summary of your skills – check!
  • Job History with Dates, Company Name, Title, and Description – Check!
  • Education – Check!
  • Grammar/Spelling and Margins all good – Check!

So far you’re doing great – we’re interested but still not ready to call – calling is a “time” commitment.  Our LAST item is verifying your online profile – often LinkedIn.  It’s consistency we’re looking for.  If your resume does NOT match your profile – the search stops.  While your resume will not be exactly match, it’s companies, titles, employment dates which are the same.  Our biggest issue being discrepancies.  Since “attention to detail” is critical, different employment dates, missing companies, or different job titles become a concern. Lastly – not having a LinkedIn profile can be an elimination for higher-level business roles.

Facebook is also fair game.  Office 365 offers a Facebook and LinkedIn connection allowing all your Facebook and LinkedIn postings to be pulled (linked via your email).  Be smart!

Recruiters and hiring managers have limited time, therefore we only call the best applicants.  To be that applicant – make sure your profile and resume synch.  Make sure your Facebook page is either ‘appropriate’ or not linked to your email.  Give yourself the best opportunity for success – you’ve come so far, finish strong!

Hope this helps – now go check those profiles!