Are Your Employees Paid Enough….I Hope NOT!!!

As a recruiter, we LOVE locating companies which underpay their employees. Even more disturbing – we LOVE to source happy candidates away (thank you LinkedIn). Happy, sourced candidates are a goldmine for recruiters – a premium clients eagerly pay. When we call/email/inmail your employee (and we will), that happy employee is now considering a new job. If this does not make you shudder, you must be paying your employees well……or……are you?????

When we call/email/inmail your employees, they all ask the same thing – how much does the job pay? If their pay is close – the call typically ends. I also don’t recommend putting too much faith in your company’s benefits/intangibles such as; benefits, coolness, free beer Friday’s and how awesome the boss is. Cash remains king. If their salary is dramatically less, they will truly be torn between loyalty and family. If they stay, realize you’ll need to increase their salary. If you don’t, they’ll probably hear from me several months later – I always follow up.

After years of recession, most companies stopped paying raises and bonus’. If that’s your company – it’s only a matter of time before we find you! I’ve seen companies decimated when underpaid employees started fleeing the ship. Fortunately there are many tools to determine market rates. On our site ( we have a salary calculator. While salary calculators are helpful, they often are 8-16 months old and rarely reflect recent changes. Another tool is viewing resumes on the boards and examining salary requirements. This will give you a quick idea what people are looking for. Best however is to call US – the recruiters! We intimately know what’s going on in the market. We’ll be happy to give you insight, market trends and what sectors are heating up. You don’t need to pay us, we’re looking for a relationship and future opportunity. We also will sign a confidentiality agreement to not solicit your employees.

Hopefully this has been helpful – it’s definitely honest. If you want Xyon to evaluate market rates for your employees – feel free to email me at