Whether you are looking for a job or a new employee, Xyon Business Solutions will eliminate the guesswork. There's a tremendous difference between pulling resumes from the web and partnering with Xyon Business Solutions. Xyon only presents extensively pre-screened qualified resumes versus the sheer bulk other companies submit.

Xyon Business Solutions excels in providing personalized service for clients desiring that hard to find candidate AND for candidates looking for the perfect job. By matching the "right" candidate with the "right" job, it's a mutually beneficial scenario for both parties. Our mission is to constantly improve on the personalized service we promote.

Xyon Business Solutions is excited for the opportunity to represent you!

Post job orders for positions available in your company. We may be able to help you with your search.

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Oh Ohhhh! Are Sign-On Bonus’ Back???

After 19 years within Staffing, you see trends repeat. One trend is the dreaded ‘muti-offer’ employers are once again experiencing. After a decade of enjoying a deep talent pool, companies are now finding it difficult to hire qualified candidates. Worse, the best candidates are receiving 2, 3 and 4 offers! Due to strong economy and

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Hiring Manager – avoid the Precipice of Perfect!

CAUTION – Hiring Managers! Avoid the “PRECIPICE of PERFECT! As a recruiter for 19 years, I have a bit of experience in hiring. With today’s economy banging on all cylinders, most companies are ramping investments within personnel. Strong Human Capital is critical to a company’s growth and success.  Coming off a horrendous recession, hiring managers

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Does Your Professional (and personal) Online Profile Matter?

As a recruiter I am shocked how good candidates become eliminated. Here is a simple resume checklist: Name/Address/Contact info – check! Quick Introduction and summary of your skills – check! Job History with Dates, Company Name, Title, and Description – Check! Education – Check! Grammar/Spelling and Margins all good – Check! So far you’re doing

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